Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rope Mill Trail Run 4m

The forth and final race in the Mountain Goat Adventures trail race Series.  This race was at Rope Mill Park in Woodstock GA.  The park trails are well maintain by the city, county, and SORBA.  The short course was a 4mile course with a mix of single track, gravel, and concrete.

The race started out at the end of the concrete pathway heading back toward the parking area.  This was a fast flat run leading to the Avalanche Trail loop 1.  There is a gravel road that leads up to the single track.  Loop 1 is short however there is a second loop named loop2.  Loop 2 had a good decent before beginning the climb.  The trail had been modified due to rain.  Instead of running down to the river and scrambling over boulders we finished Loop 2 popping back out on the gravel road.  Heading back toward the packing lot we then took a hard left across the bridge running to the right going up river.  Mile two was complete just before we got to the river crossing.  The river was about knee deep.  This slowed down the time.  After crossing the river we took a hard left to scramble down the bank of the river before popping back onto the trail.  This short run dropped the runners off into a creak which we ran up. This section was clogged with people trying to get up the creek before finally leading to the last short section of the mountain bike trail.  Just as mile three was finished we came to a sharp drop in the trail.  The runner in front stopped.  Not a good thing.  Once down we were back to the flat concrete path for a fast sprint to the finish line.

This race marked the end of the trail race series.  Unfortunately the results were a bit delayed due to some runners being stung by hornets and a few yellow jacket stings that resulted in the EMT's being called for one case.  Everyone checked out fine.

There was a great turn out for the race.  Race results:  35:42 to place 9th overall and 5th in my age group.  A great finish to the series.  Thanks to the volunteers and Mountain Goat Adventures.  

The series points lined up to be a tie going into the fourth race.  I had the lead for 1/2 the race however the river crossing slowed me down resulting in getting passed.    Had a blast meeting and racing the series with Dale and Rob, both in my age group.  Great guys.

Great age group podium picture.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sutallee Trace Trail Challenge 4.5m

The third race in the Mountain Goat Adventures trail race Series.  This race was at Boling Park in Canton GA.  This is a very nice park with easy access to trails, a crush N run mile track, and access to the Etowah river.

The race started out on the crush N run to give the trail racers a bit of space to spread out.  The first 3/4 of a mile was spent on easy flat surface before heading into the woods for some great single track racing.  A shout out to Troop 241 for some awesome trail and bridge building.  The 4.5 mile stayed on the front section of the trail.  The first mile was a gradual uphill before dropping down along the creek.  There was a bit of tricky footing leading on to the trail which led to a bit of an ankle roll that I will be feeling tomorrow.  First decent was about 400 ft decent.  What goes down must go back up. The next mile and half was a 600 ft ascent to the top.  This ascent was the most difficult as it would not stop.  The hill training earlier in the year payed off allowing me to motor up.  The last section of the trail race was a gradual downhill to the finish line.  Spent a lot of energy on the uphill leaving a slow pace to finish.

Crossed the line back on the crush n run to finish in 39:38.

There was a huge turn out today for the 4.5m and 10m race.    Great job volunteers and Mountain Goat Crew.  It had been awhile since I had been to Boling Park.  Had a great time.  Next up the season finale at Rope Mill.  Last race for all the points.

Second place in AG:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mount Tabor 8M

Fifth race in a seven trail race series put on by Dirty Spokes.

The course is a 4 mile loop that is run twice to make up the 8 miles.  The first section of the course has several twists and turns that test ones feet to quickly change directions.  Water stop at mile 4.  The last mile in the 4 mile loop is through a scrub pine section on the top of a hill which gets a bit hot in the sun.
Also one note the run up the hill to complete mile 4 and to cross the finish line makes it a bit of a challenge to sprint.

Having lost 27 pounds, I was able to shave off 15 minutes from last year's time.  All and all a decent race.  I feel I went out a bit too fast however and struggled a bit on the second loop.  Also note no garmin.

As usual results are posted.

Thanks to the volunteers and the Dirty Spokes Crew.  Another great event.

Next up trail race 6.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gainesville State College 5.3m

This is a Did Not Start due to other commitments.

The course is a pretty flat course and is a pleasure to run.
Maybe I will be back next year to run it.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Battle of Allatoona Creek 5m

The second race in the Mountain Goat Trail race series.  The second race was on the Allatoona Creek Trails  This is one of the hidden gems in the Atlanta area.  This is a mountain bike trail in Acworth Ga.

The trails are maintained by Cobb County and Atlanta Area Sobra.  Nicely done.

The 5 mile race started around 8:30am in the morning.  The first quarter mile was a parade lap around the field before crossing Old Stilesboro Road to hop on some double track for another 1/4 mile.  The course was a nice 4.5 mile look in the woods.  Maintained an even pace through the course.  There were not too many uphills.  This was a very nice beginners trail racing course.  Several bridge crossings over the creek as well as ramps and dirt mounds for the mountain bikers.  The weather was great starting out in the mid 50s.  Got a bit warm at the finish.  While the GPS measures trail runs short this one was a bit short of 5m.

The last 1.5 miles I slowed down a bit.  I suspect that was a bit due to the fast pace around the parade field and the double track.  I would not have changed the starting pace if I had to do it over.

All and all a good race.  Started out fast and maintained 2nd place over all half way through the course when I was passed dropping back to 3rd place overall.  Nice fast trail run course.  It is very interesting to run at the front of the pack.  Mentally you really have to push yourself.  It was a nice change of mind set.

The finish top 3 overall were all in the same age group for the finish.

Thank you to the sponsors and volunteers for making the race happen.  Next up Sutalle Trace Trail Challenge.

3rd place overall/age group:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Olde Rope Mill Park 6.5m

The third race of the Dirty Spokes Trail Race Seriers was held at Olde Rope Mill Park in Woodstock GA.

This trail is maintained by Woodstock Sorba.  The trails are in pretty good condition.  I suspect it is pretty fun mountain biking.

The race started promptly at 8:30am on the nose.  There was a 5K also going on at the same time starting from a different spot which totaled 250 runners this morning.  The 6.5m was the same course as last year which helped a bit.  The race started on the pavement section for about 1/4 mile before turning onto a double track which was pretty muddy along with one creek crossing and over the bridge to lead into some good single track.  I had planned to use my virtual assistant on my garmin to pace however it slipped my mind until I reached mile 1.  Oh well.  The first two miles or so was a bit wet and required a bit of extra careful footing before the first major downhill.  The course was pretty rocky.  More so than I remembered.  I was part of a group of runners that were pacing around 8:40 or so.  I stayed focused on the trail and sear determination that none of the hills would get the best of me.  It became easier to use the hills as a passing opportunity after mile 3.  Miles 3, 4, and 5 were a bit of rolling hills.  During this section I tried to maintain an even pace.  At mile 5.5 the trail looped around need the entry way which was the marker that there was one mile to go.  From that point on I worked on negative splits with the last 1/4 mile being a sprint to the finish on the concrete walkway that we had started.  Crossed the line at 55:something.  The garmin shows it at 55:53 however I stopped it a bit after cross the line.

This was a good race.  Big Peach Running and Montrail Running Shoes sponsored the meal after the race however it was not Paleo friendly so instead stopped by the Burger Inn to get some eggs and bacon.

Great race, thank you Tim and volunteers for a wonderful time

Next up is the ever fast 4th race in the series, Gainesville State College 5.3m trail race.  With a few other things happening I may not make this race.  We will see.   Hate to miss this one.  It is a nice fast flat course.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Runnin the Rocks 10K

Second trail race of the Dirty Spokes Trail Race series was held at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers Georgia.

As usual the race started promptly at 8:30am.  The weather was great.  The trail was a new layout which was awesome!  The course utilized the mountain bike trails.  We started in the Steeplechase area coming across the grass leading on to double track.  A little less than a mile in the open double track dumped us into the woods for some very nice single track trail.  I was afraid with the rain we had earlier in the week the trail would be very sloppy however that was the not the case.   The new layout had three major hills to be tackled.  The first coming at mile 1.  Made quick work of that one.  From there is was getting into a groove.  The second would come around the half way mark before the only water station on the course.   This is the one section that I speed hiked up however as soon as I crested the hill I was back at it right past the water station.  The course continued for another mile or so before the last major hill.  I was determined to push through it.  Once at the top I cruised through the rest of the single track.  The single track dumped out on the field giving the runners about a 1/2 mile sprint to the finish line.

I was pleased with my time until I realized I just missed 3rd place in my AG by 12 seconds.  I got out sprinted to the finish.

Thank you to all the volunteers, course designers, and Dirty Spokes.  Love the new course for sure.

Next stop race 3 at Olde Rope Mill Park.

See ya on the trails!