Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mount Tabor 8M

Fifth race in a seven trail race series put on by Dirty Spokes.

The course is a 4 mile loop that is run twice to make up the 8 miles.  The first section of the course has several twists and turns that test ones feet to quickly change directions.  Water stop at mile 4.  The last mile in the 4 mile loop is through a scrub pine section on the top of a hill which gets a bit hot in the sun.
Also one note the run up the hill to complete mile 4 and to cross the finish line makes it a bit of a challenge to sprint.

Having lost 27 pounds, I was able to shave off 15 minutes from last year's time.  All and all a decent race.  I feel I went out a bit too fast however and struggled a bit on the second loop.  Also note no garmin.

As usual results are posted.

Thanks to the volunteers and the Dirty Spokes Crew.  Another great event.

Next up trail race 6.


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