Saturday, April 2, 2011

Olde Rope Mill Park 6.5m Trail Run

Third race of a seven race series Dirty Spokes Trail Race Series took place on the mountain bike trails at the Olde Rope Mill Park, Woodstock, GA.

I was not sure I was going to make this race. The night before the water heater decided it did want to hold water so it was a long night cleaning up water in the basement.

This was a new venue for the series. There were two sections of the course which felt like a figure eight. The first half of the 6.5 mile course was a fairly easy run. I decided after the last race I would go out a little slower. After the first three miles I was wondering if I should have done that. The decision proved to be a wise one as the second half of the course was more difficult with several rolling hills to deal with along with a good stretch of fresh cut trail. I felt good through most of the race until the very last mile. I had not been training beyond 4 to 5 miles so I could feel the hills and new trails taking a toll. The last half mile I was running with Danielle as we approach the finish line we both made a mad sprint for the finish. I thank her for the extra encouragement to push me over the finish line.

As usual the Dirty Spokes crew have posted the results. Awesome venue. Thank you Dirty Spokes and volunteers for a great race.

Next up... 5.5 in Oakwood GA. Can't wait.

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