Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dirty Spokes 2010 Trail Running Series

This was the inaugural running of the Dirty Spokes Trail Running Series. This was a six race series that took the competitor to various location across the northern arc of Atlanta. While putting on trail races is not anything new to the Dirty Spokes Team, this series was well done. For those looking to enter trail running with the short distances or just looking to have fun in the woods the series was not a let down.

The races ranged from 5k to 8 miles with all sorts of surprises from the wall in Canton, many a water crossing, and capping it off with 2 mile up hill followed by a 1 mile down hill.

It took a few races to get use to things since this was my first venture into trail running. After figuring out a few things including changing my training habits and going out to have a good time, the series really became very enjoyable. When you talk to other runners you get all sorts of advice. Some of it you do not get until you really figure it out for yourself. Once you figure out what works for you and what you want to accomplish the rest starts to fall in place.

With the close of the series it was a nice reward to have completed all 6 runs and also place second in my age division in points. I will say that I just racked up enough points by going to all of the events.

I am thankful to the Dirty Spokes Team for putting the series together. I do know I am looking for to participating in additional trail runs in the future. For now I am looking to recover a couple of sore points, get back to hiking and backpacking, get into a bit of mountain biking, and keeping an eye out for any trail runs that pop up around the area. As the adventures come my way I will log each of them.

See you on a trail......

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