Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mt. Tabor 8m Trail Run

Fifth race in a seven race Dirty Spokes Trail Race Series.

The course is a 4 mile loop which is run twice to get you to the 8 mile mark. The first two miles or so is the best part of the trail. The last two twist and turn through some open grass/weed areas. For some reason this trail race is the least favorite. The last two miles is exposed to the elements so on a warm day it can get a bit hot.

This race was not my best by far, nor was I that prepared for it either. The time showed as I crossed the line several minutes slower than last year.

The DirtySpokes Crew does put on an excellent event though. The kids race was fun to watch. Thanks to the volunteers and DirtySpokes.

On to the next race...

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