Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chicopee Woods 10K Trail Run

The third race of the Dirty Spokes Series is in the books. Was not really sure this one was going to happen. Several bands of thunder storms rolled through the area overnight and early in the morning. Luck would be on our side with an 8:30 start. The trail was the Sorba bike trail near the Elachee Nature Center in the Chicopee woods.

This race appears to be a favorite, despite the rain there was a good turn out. Starting line was on the bridge over the interstate. Nothing like a little hill before hitting the trail to spread out the field. The trails were in fair condition with all of the rain. The first couple of miles was the decent to the bottom. Very little in the way of rocks or major roots on the first couple of miles. After three miles or so the fun would begin. The trail got a bit more sloppy with a few creek crossings. Some were over wooden bridges while others were jumps. The first of the big climbs would happen around mile 4. After getting over the first, back down to the bottom where the water flows. With all of the rain the last creek crossing was more of a waist deep wade across. Crossing the rivercreek left the climb out of the hole. The continued uphill took its toll on many. Alternated between a fast hike and a jog. A couple of twists and turns later left you at the finish line.

I am please with the performance on the trail. The main goal was to relax and enjoy the trail. After a rain there is something to natures music instead of an ipod. Occasionally the roar of the interstate would remind you of civilization. The trail also demand full attention. There were many of sloppy spots that were fun to navigate. Glad the storms had passed and held off to get this one in the books.

The race results are already posted.

Next up is an 8 mile at Mt Tabor.

Thank you to Dirty Spokes, sponsors, and volunteers that made for a very enjoyable race. Looking forward to the fourth challenge in the series.

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